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Bea Alonzo undaunted by 3 roles in comeback Show

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Movie Queen Bea Alonzo is making a comeback almost a year after her last teleserye ‘A Beautiful Affair.’ To make up for lost time, Bea will triple her screen time as she plays three characters in ABS-CBN’s June offering ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon.


Bea said in a press conference earlier this year that she is excited to play her three unique roles that will showcase her flexible and undeniable talent as an actress:



In ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon,’ Bea plays the unfortunate Rose, a woman accused of murder, and Emmanuelle, a feisty lawyer who represents Rose. Aside from Rose and Emmanuelle, Bea will also play the vengeful character who assumes Emmanuelle’s identity while masking her true, cold-hearted intentions.


Bea said she’s happy that her home network of 13 years, ABS-CBN, has really thought through her comeback role. This shows that ABS-CBN is confident Bea can fulfill the demands of the three very different characters.


Bea has consistently proven she can portray many types of personalities in her most memorable TV and movie roles, including Bobbie Salazar in ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding,’ Sari Alfonso in ‘The Mistress’ and Basha Eugenio in ‘One More Chance.’ At just 26, she has shown great flexibility and professionalism that makes her fit for the title Movie Queen.


Bea Alonzo’s three characters in ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’

Bea Alonzo’s three characters in ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’


The actress said she embraces the challenge of playing her complicated characters, something that fans are excited to see. Many Twitter fans are already using #SanaBukasPaAngKahapon to share their opinions about Bea’s comeback show:


@DearAteCharo said: ‘I can’t wait for #SanaBukasPaAngKahapon! Bagay kay Bea Alonzo yung mga revenge roles!


@MyrrhLaoTo gushed ‘The #SanaBukasPaAngKahapon #SanaBukasPaAngKahaponOfficialTrailer is amazing!!!!! Bea Alonzo is this generation’s QUEEN.


Goosebumps with the #SanaBukasPaAngKahapon full trailer! EXCITED FOR THIS!!! Bea & Paulo!’ said @yetkl.


Ganda ganda talaga ni Bea Alonzo. Galing pa umarte. Your the best and great actress this generation. #SanaBukasPaAngKahapon’ praised @Superrkerbs.


#SanaBukasPaAngKahapon  It’s about time naman to let Ms Bea Alonzo shine ! She’s the deserving Starmagic Queen, and a very talented actress!’ commented @mranirodl


Alongside Bea, the star-studded cast will feature a lot of veteran actors like Tonton Gutierrez, Dina Bonnevie, Susan Roces, Anita Linda and Eddie Garcia. Paulo Avelino stars opposite Bea’s character Rose while Albert Martinez stars opposite Bea’s Emmanuelle. ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ begins on 16 June.


What can you say about Bea Alonzo’s comeback show? Share your thoughts below.




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