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How to beat the onslaught of pollen this Spring

How to beat the onslaught of pollen this Spring

Allergic to pollen? Get tips on how to survive the season.


Spring is in the air — and with it a large amount of pollen! But pollen season doesn’t have to drive you indoors anymore. Here are some tips you can do to keep allergy-free:


1. Research. There are plenty of apps and websites available today that will let you know when and what types of pollen can attack at certain time of year and day. These pollen calendars will help you plan your outdoor activities ahead and avoid places and times when pollen is most abundant.


2. Know conditions that make pollen more dangerous. Some people are more allergic to certain pollen types than others. If you are particularly sensitive to a specific type of pollen, remember what time of day it peaks. Sensitivity could also be heightened during damp mornings.


3. Sunny days mean more pollen. A burst of sunshine means more pollen in the air. Meanwhile, cloudy days are more conducive to sensitive people as those are the days when flowers are still building-up on pollen.


4. Head for places less prone to pollen build-up. Mountain peaks and seashores are usually pollen-free because of the lack of pollen-releasing plants like trees, grass and weeds.


5. Protect your sensitive spots. Covering the eyes, mouth and nose are basic ways to protect against pollen. Wear sunglasses, face masks or scarves for this purpose.


How to beat the onslaught of pollen this Spring


6. Smudge your nose with petroleum jelly. To prevent pollen from entering your lungs, smudge the inner walls of your nose with petroleum jelly. The trapped pollen can then be easily rubbed off and rinsed once indoors.


7. Keep away from lawn chores. Pollen-sensitive people may have themselves excused from mowing the grass or doing gardening chores since grass is a hiding place for pollen.


8. Adopt special ventilation during spring. To keep pollen count indoors at a minimum, keep the air still. This will allow the pollen to fall on the floor. Opening the windows is also not an option. Instead, use air conditioners when it gets too hot.


9. Spring cleaning? Install an air filter. Air filters help keep pollen count low inside the house and will make spring cleaning more tolerable for the sensitive.


10. Dry your clothes indoors. Use a laundry drier instead of line-drying your clothes under the sun. Pollen could easily stick to clothes dried outdoors and may be brought accidentally inside the house.


11. Keep a close guard of your pets. Animals are pollen vehicles. Keep them outdoors for the time being.


How to beat the onslaught of pollen this Spring


12. Change your clothes constantly. If you have been outdoors, change every time you step indoors. This will reduce the chances of spreading pollen inside the house. Outdoor shoes should also be placed in a separate area or wiped clean on an outdoor mat.


13. Shower generously. Shower and shampoo more often during pollen season to completely strip away pollen particles from your body. If that’s not possible, simply wash your hands and face or shower before going to bed.


14. Prepare home remedies to control symptoms of attack. Despite doing your best to keep pollen off your life, it may be nearly impossible to avoid the symptoms of an allergy attack. For quick remedies, prepare some treatments that can easily be found in markets and stores:


  • Saline nasal sprays for stuffy nose


  • Pineapples which contain bromelain that is said to ease sinus inflammation


  • Eyebright and other supplements like spirulina and goldenseal works to soothe some people


  • Eucalyptus essential oil can be used when showering to create a steam treatment


  • Hot peppermint tea is a mild decongestant that clears the nasal pathway


If symptoms persist, then it’s time to take the latest over-the-counter medications as per the physician’s advice.



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