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Beauty Tutorial: The Classic Smokey Eye Look

The smokey eye has long been a classic make-up style that is perfect for daytime and night. The smokey eye brings out the colour of the iris and adds a beautiful contrast with the white of the eyes, creating a soft, sultry look.


Beauty Tutorial- The Classic Smokey Eye Look 1

Anatomy of the smokey eye


The style never dies with the season, and this is because the smokey eye has a lot of variations. To create the smokey eye look, here are the things you need:


1. Eye shadow. Choose two colours: light and dark shadows. The most common palette combination is brown and black. Others use greys, and even vibrant shades like purples, blues and greens.

2. Eye shadow brushes

3. Foundation, primer or concealer

4. Pencil or eyeliner

5. Black mascara



Creating the smokey eye look is one of the trickiest to do in the world of make-up. This is because it uses a layer of eye shadows to create a dark to light shading around the eyes. The basic steps are:


Beauty Tutorial- The Classic Smokey Eye Look 2


Preparation: Add the foundation, primer or concealer all over the eye lid up to the socket. This will help the shadow stay longer. Add the lighter-coloured eye shadow or powder on top of the foundation.


Beauty Tutorial- The Classic Smokey Eye Look 3


Pencil: Trace your lashline using a pencil. Add a flick at the end to make the eye appear cat-like. Lining your inner rims will add more definition to the eyes.


Beauty Tutorial- The Classic Smokey Eye Look 4


Brush: Choose the darker colour in your palette and with a brush sweep over the lashline, spreading the eye shadow and pencil at the same time.


Beauty Tutorial- The Classic Smokey Eye Look 5


Choose the darker shade then brush from the middle of the lashline towards the socket line at the corner of the brow bone. Add more of the dark shadow on the outer edge of the socket to make it more defined.


Blend: Blend the two shades together with a clean brush. This is the most time-consuming step because the blending should be smooth but not too much that it would completely combine the two shades together.



Here’s a quick guide by Lisa Eldridge on how to create a classic smokey eye look that’s good for day and night plus tips on how to put it on:



Depending on the occasion, you can thicken or soften the look of the smokey eye simply by changing the palette or the rest of your make-up. For day wear, a lighter tone is better so that the face will still look fresh. For nighttime, a thicker smokey eye look can add more contrast to the face and will still look defined despite the lack of daylight.


To tone down the smokey eye look for daytime, you can:

1. Choose one a shade lower than your basic eye shadow. For example, instead of brown and black, try light brown and dark brown or white and brown.

2. Choose brown eyeliner

3. Skip the mascara


To add more volume to your smokey eye look, you can:

1. Choose vibrant shades for light shadow

2. Extend the lashline upwards

3. Add shadow and eyeliner on the bottom lashline

4. Add eyeliner on the top and bottom waterlines

5. Thicken the layers of dark shadow on the edge of the lid


Apart from the classic, what other smokey eye look do you prefer using? When do you usually wear the smokey eye look? Share your tips and experiences below!





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