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Should your bedroom be dark or bright when sleeping?

5jun bedroom lights


According to one study by OxfordUniversity for the Institute of Cancer Research, women who sleep in bright bedrooms tend to have larger waistlines. The study involving 113,000 women suggested that bedroom lights may be linked to obesity in women.


But how are people letting in too much light into their bedrooms? Home experts and historians point out the changes in the environment and in the way bedrooms are decorated that are making nights brighter.

1. More light outdoors. Outdoor lighting specially in big cities has been growing which means more outside light will shine through into our bedrooms, causing us more sleepless nights


2. Thinner curtains. In the past, thick curtains and drapes were a luxury item. Today, there is a desire for thinner, lighter curtains like blinds, linens and sheers because of practicality in washing and cost. But these cheap materials also bring in more light into the bedroom at night.


3. Electronic devices. Digital displays, mobile phones, night lights, alarm clocks, pinpoints and standby lights from electronic devices all flood the room with light, making it brighter.


Lifestyle changes are bringing in more light to the bedroom, leading to difficulties in sleeping and their resulting stress and health problems.


However, not everyone agrees that more bedroom light is bad. Former head of LoughboroughUniversity’s Sleep Research Centre Prof Jim Horne said that people can generally ignore bedroom lights once they shut their eyes.


He added that more research is needed because ‘The idea that we should all blacken our room is wrong.’ Too dark rooms can also lead to accidents, especially among the elderly, he said.



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