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Belgians warned – fake euros double in number

Photo source: Belga

If the trend continues, the number of fake euro bills in circulation in Belgium may rise by 100% this year compared to last year. This is what the latest Belgian National Bank statistics revealed in a crackdown of fake banknotes in the country.

According to the bank, 21,580 fake notes have been discovered from January to June this year. That’s close to the total number of fake euros discovered last year – 22,433. The bank also revealed that 70% of fake bills discovered so far were €50, while 20% were €20.

National Syndicate for the Self-Employed (NSZ) said that the prevalence of fake euro bills in Belgium was due to the poor techniques used to detect fake notes. NSZ warns vendors to be on alert and are advised to inform the police if ever they receive fake money. However, vendors who surrender fake money to the police will not be compensated.

The police also caution the public that circulating fake money is against the law and will lead to a prison sentence.



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