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Belgium to adopt new policy for lesbian Parents

by FFE EU News Staff


lesbian mums


Lesbian partners of women who give birth have had to go through complicated adoption proceedings for them to be recognised as the child’s parent. But this method may be scrapped following a new legislation penned by the Flemish Christian democrat party (CD&V).


Under the legislation, Belgian children may have two mothers without the need for the parents to undergo adoption procedure. Lawmaker and CD&V member Sonja Becq commented ‘A lot of lesbian couples have kids, but it can be very challenging if you have to adopt a child that you both wanted before you can be properly accepted as its parent.’


She said that the legislation will offer greater security for children, allowing the birth mother’s lesbian partner to have a legal bond with the child at the moment the birth is registered.


The Flemish liberal party is said to support the proposal despite CD&V rejecting their own version of the legislation. The liberal party said finding the solution was more important than the way the solution is found.





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