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Belgium government says sorry for wrong cancer Letter

18apr belgium colon cancer


Have you received a letter from the Belgian government advising you to take more colon cancer tests? The Flemish government clarified that some of the letters were mixed-up and sent to the wrong people because of a ‘stupid mistake on the part of a member of staff.’


In Flanders, Belgium, around 750 die each year because of colon cancer. 249,000 people aged 66 to 74 had initially been invited by the government to a major screening programme to see whether or not they have the disease.


After the screening, about 760 people were sent a letter by mistake advising them to take more tests. These people were actually healthy and were already pronounced clear of the disease.


The Flemish government said those letters were meant for only those whose routine stool samples to the Centre for Cancer Detection appeared abnormal.


Professor Patrick Martens said they have already spoken to those who have received the wrong letter and assured that they have already implemented safety filters ‘so that this sort of thing cannot happen again.’



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