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Belgium: What\’s new from 1 May?

   As at the start of every month, a number of changes have been made to rules and regulations that govern our daily lives. Hereis a summary of what’s new from 1 May. From 1 May Service Cheques (cheques that can be used to pay for services such as domestic cleaning) with a value of 7.5 euro are no longer valid.


The price of service cheques went up to 8.5 euro at the end last year and service cheque users were given until the end of April to either exchange their 7.5 euro service cheques plus 1 euro for new 8.5 euro service cheques or ask for the value of their service cheques to be repaid.

Those that chose the second option received 70% of the original value of the cheques.

New rules for motor cycle licence

From now on, the Belgian motor cycle licenses will be replaced by a new European motor cycle licence. The new licences brings with it a new system for motor cyclists. In future those wishing to obtain a licence to drive the highest calibre motorcycles will have to do so in stages.

From 16 youngsters will be able to try for a licences for the lowest calibre motors and then every two years attempt to upgrade their licence until at the ages of 22 they will final be allowed to try for a licence that will allow them to drive the very highest calibre motorcycle, Motorcycle licence A.

Those over 24 will be able to try for motorcycle licence A in one go.
The new system has come about as part of a European directive.

Brussels taxis more expensive

The price that you will pay for a trip in a taxi in the capital has gone up. From May 1 the price of a taxi journey within the Brussels-Capital Region has gone up by 14 eurocents to 1.8 euro per kilometre.

The standard charge for taking a taxi will remain at 2.4 euro and the waiting time charges remains at 30 euro/hour.

The price per kilometre for journeys made by Brussels taxis outside the Brussels-Capital region will also stay the same at 2.7 euros per kilometre.

MIVB no longer free for pensioners

From May 1 pensioners in Brussels will be no longer entitled to a free season ticket for the services of the Brussels public transport company MIVB.

All but the poorest pensioners will have to pay 60 euro for an annual season ticket that will allow them to use the company’s bus, tram and metro services.

Pensioners will still enjoy free travel on the buses and trams operated by the Flemish public transport company De Lijn.



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