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What is the best wallpaper for your Room?

Wallpaper is a material used to cover the interior walls of rooms. Many homeowners use it today rather than paint and other wall decorators because it is relatively cheap, easy to clean and the variety of patterns and texture give homeowners plenty design options.


To give you an idea of the range of designs there are for wallpapers, here are some samples and the best rooms to put them:

 What is the best wallpaper for your Room1


Flat designs come in either single colour or repeat-pattered wallpapers. Single colour wallpapers are not a very popular choice among homeowners because of their monochromatic effect on rooms. But the solid look of monochrome makes a room more organised. Cluttered rooms or rooms that have many items like studies, offices and kitchens look great with single colour wallpapers.


 What is the best wallpaper for your Room2

Repeat-patterned wallpaper meanwhile breaks the monotonous look of rooms and give it character and a personality. Rooms that look too severe like studies go well with this type of wallpaper because they provide contrast to the big solid pieces of furniture. Living and entertainment rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms also look great with patterned wallpaper.


 What is the best wallpaper for your Room3


 What is the best wallpaper for your Room4


Textured or embossed wallpapers are patterned wallpapers whose designs are raised. These are not physically flat when felt with the hand. As a result of the raised designs, they add two dimensions to bare walls: complexity in visual and tactile aesthetics. They often come in single colour or in dark and light variations of one colour. While they generally look monochromatic, their complex appearance makes them look perfect in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.


What is the best wallpaper for your Room5


Lighting creates a dramatic effect on textured wallpaper because they play with the shadows caused by the raised designs. However, the raised designs also have the disadvantage of picking up light dust particles more easily than flat designs.


Digital wallpapers are those that have high-definition patterns that have been printed using cured inks. Unlike flat and textured wallpapers, any design is possible with digital wallpapers. This makes them fit for any type of room that needs a burst of personality and creativity like bed rooms, living rooms and hallways. The range and depth of colour is also more expansive in digital wallpapers. However customisation and the special materials needed for printing makes it an expensive option.


 What is the best wallpaper for your Room6

 What is the best wallpaper for your Room7

 What is the best wallpaper for your Room8


Photographic wallpapers are like digital wallpapers except the design is taken from a blown-up photograph. Because there are limitations to the size of a real photograph, photographic wallpapers usually just take up a small portion of the whole wall. To put greater emphasis on the photographic wallpaper, most homeowners place it in a wall with flat wallpaper or bare colouring.

Photographic wallpaper bring true-to-life patterns on wall, giving homeowners the ability to play around with the look of their rooms. Depending on the subject of the photo, this wallpaper makes impressive centrepieces for living rooms, bedrooms, entertainment rooms and studies.

 What is the best wallpaper for your Room9


What is the best wallpaper for your Room10

 What is the best wallpaper for your Room11


How to install and remove wallpaper


Wallpapers need to be installed correctly so that they last long and so that they will look great on walls. Bubbles and folds can not only lead to tears, they also look distinct and can ruin the patterns. Here is a video showing the materials needed as well as steps to ensure your wallpaper installation will be professional-looking:


Removing wallpaper is easier and faster with a fewer items involved. However, it could try your patience especially if things get messy. Here is a video showing how to remove wallpaper the fast and clean way:

Have you had any experience installing or removing wallpaper? Did you encounter any particular problems? Leave your questions or suggestions in the comment box below to help fellow homeowners who might be interested in installing their own wallpaper:





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