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Beware of this new Android Malware


10jun simpleshocker malware android 2

Anti-virus provider Eset has just discovered a new form of Android malicious software (malware) that locks your smartphone’s files and demands for a ransom to unlock the files.


The malware is called SimpleShocker and it is contained in a downloadable app called Sex xionix, which Eset believes is distributed outside of the official Android app download site Google Play Store. Once SimpleShocker is opened, it scans the phone’s SD card for files with jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, pdf, doc, docx, txt, avi, mkv, 3gp and mp4 endings.


The malware then encrypts these files, making them unreadable, then it delivers the following message:


10jun simpleshocker malware android

Message is originally in Russian and asks for payment in Ukrainian hryvnias, showing that its intended targets are East Europeans

It is not yet known whether making the payment actually makes the locked files accessible again.


Eset recommends not making the payment, while computer security firm Sophos suggested rebooting the infected phones into safe mode to remove the malware. However, this could entail losing the files that were encrypted.


SimpleShocker is just one of the many smartphone malware that have recently appeared around the world. Two weeks ago, Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and Mac computers in Australia have been locked in the same manner, with hackers asking $50 in exchange for unlocking the devices.


Investigations showed that the Apple devices were hacked by ‘Oleg Pliss.’ It is not known whether Oleg Pliss and SimpleShocker are connected.




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