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Beware of more cyber-attacks by 2014

IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPC), a cloud services company, announced that cyber-attacks may increase in the coming year. This came from data that said distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become a growing threat in the last two years.

In a data of its global clients from 2012 to 2013, IPC saw that the number of DDoS attacks grew by 33%. Hackers have also spread out, attacking sectors such as the government, media, travel and finance.

DDoS attacks are done when a hacker floods a target’s website with network traffic in the form of requests. The hacker’s requests then blocks out legitimate users’ requests. The overload of requests then causes the target system to stop responding, forcing a shutdown.

IPC vice president for Managed Data Services Maricar Burgos-Nepomuceno said that hackers launch DDoS attacks for many reasons, including revenge, extortion, competitive advantage and political beliefs. She said ‘We strongly urge enterprises especially those in the financial and e-commerce sectors to take the threat of cyber-attacks seriously.

‘This early on, they should prepare themselves from potentially huge losses from downtimes and lost resources.’

She also cautioned that ‘Attacks can happen at the most unexpected times and can last for several days, some of the world’s largest corporations and even government agencies’ sites have gone down because of DDoS.’

Regional sales manager for IPC’s local partner Prolexic William Chua advised businesses to implement better defence measures such as installing a firewall, Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System technologies or partnering with DDoS specialists to prevent hackers from successfully launching a cyber-attack.



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