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France slightly more welcoming to Immigrants


Statistics show that under president Hollande’s administration the number of new citizens in France grew.


Interior minister Manuel Valls revealed on Friday that immigration is slightly more welcoming now more than ever. France has seen a 13% increase in the number of naturalised citizens since 2012. The number of those granted student visas also jumped by 6%.

French Interior minister Manuel Valls

French Interior minister Manuel Valls


Today’s more welcoming France still abides by its strict immigration rules, however. Since 2012, the number of forced expulsions grew by 2%. In 2013, France expelled a record 20,000 Roma back to Romania and Bulgaria.


Other key points in Vall’s 2013 immigration data include:

  • 10,000 illegal immigrants who have been living in France in the last five years granted visas
  • 10–15% increase of skilled immigrant visas
  • 14% jump in number of naturalisations
  • 4,600 expulsions of non-EU citizens



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