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Blind woman rescues blind dog from Death

Blind woman rescues blind dog from Death

Labrador retriever gets a second chance at life.


Boludo, a five-year-old Labrador retriever, was scheduled to be put down by his owners in La Coruña, Spain because he had lost his sight. But sympathetic dog lovers came to his rescue, and one of them completely understands what he is going through.


City vet Martín Marín led his clinic on a campaign to find another willing owner for Boludo. He said that, although blind, Boludo is healthy and can still make it on his own: ‘He’s a good dog who doesn’t need more looking after than other (dogs).


‘If you’re careful, and if there isn’t too much traffic, he can go off his lead.’


Local resident Destina Hürriyet opened her house for the homeless dog while the vets ran advertisements in his behalf. Pretty soon the ads were answered by an unlikely hero: Mónica Merenciano, a Spanish Paralympian who also has vision impairment. Merenciano is a judo athlete who has already won medals at Athens, Beijing and London.


Hürriyet said she cried after hearing of this news, saying ‘I knew they were the perfect pair, made for each other.’


Labrador retrievers are a choice breed as therapy dogs that provide comfort to those facing physical and emotional ailments.



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