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Blood Clots

One of my Halloween-themed recipes I’m preparing for my restaurant this year is the Blood Clots. Not actual blood clots but red agar agar mushed up to look like the real thing!


In the Philippines, agar agar is also known as Gulaman. Gulaman is made from dried seaweed bars melted in boiling water. Although it looks like Gelatin, Gulaman is a different thing; Gelatin is made from a protein substance that comes from animals.


Gulaman is a popular Filipino dessert sometimes added with coconut milk and bits of fruits. Aside from the Gelatin-like substance, Gulaman is also a name for a classic Filipino drink. The Gulaman drink is a popular thirst quencher made sweet by caramelized sugar.


 When making Blood Clots, I don’t add coconut milk to the Gulaman because it will lose its transparency and the color red turns to pink. Instead of milk to sweeten Blood Clots, I replace it with sugar to retain the red and transparent look. Blood Clots is a very simple recipe, even your kids can make it!


Gulaman dessert with coconut milk, raisins and pineapples.


  • 2 long uncooked red gelatin bars
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3 cups of water


Gulaman bars made from seaweed



In a pot, bring water to a boil.


Tear red Gulaman bars into smaller pieces and add it in the water. Stir until the Gulaman mixes with the water.


Add one cup of sugar and stir thoroughly. Let it simmer for five minutes.


Once done, pour liquid into a container and let it cool. Refrigerate for at least two hours or when the Gulaman has set.


Now to achieve the blood- clot look of the Gulaman, take it out of the fridge and mulch with your fingers until Gulaman breaks into small pieces.


Put mulched Gulaman in a bowl in clumps to look like blood clots.


That’s it!


Enjoy your yummy and spooky dessert!


Blood Clots


Tita Kathy’s tip:

If you can’t find Gulaman bars, you can always replace it with red powdered Gelatin. One Gulaman bar is equal to one pack of powdered Gelatin.




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