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Britain sees increase in Immigration

Britain sees increase in Immigration

Britain sees increase in Immigration

by: FFE EU News Staff

Britain’s national statistics office announced that the country is seeing an increase in the number of net migrations for the past two years.


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that from January to June 2013, 182,000 people came and lived in the UK. This is up from last year’s figures, which recorded 167,000 in-migrations for the whole 2012. Meanwhile, the number of people who left the UK is 320,000, down from last year’s 349,000.


ONS also said that immigration from countries outside of the EU from January to June 2013 is at 242,000 – lower than last year’s figures, while the number of in-migrations from countries within the EU had gone up by 25,000.

The top 5 countries from where the immigrants are coming from are China, India, Poland, US and Australia. Meanwhile the top 5 countries to where immigrants are moving to are Australia, US, India, China and France.


Home secretary Theresa May said that disparity in earnings among the EU member states is an ‘overwhelming incentive’ that makes people move from poorer nations to richer nations within the Union. The British government is currently introducing policies that will allow the country to put migration under control.


Prime Minister David Cameron has set a target for his government that aims to reduce net in-migration below 100,000 by 2015. On Wednesday, the prime minister also introduced plans to implement stricter welfare rules to lessen abuse.


However, following the release of the ONS report, shadow immigration minister David Hanson said that the government has failed to reach its target. UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage added ‘The fact that we still have net migration going up … is a damning indictment of this government’s failed approach to immigration.’


The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford predicts that the government will have problems reducing net migration by the end of the parliament if the rising trend continues.



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