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Buying beyond the home in Taguig and Makati

When we buy a house, we usually consider what’s inside first. Is it the right size for my and my family’s needs? Can I afford it? Does it feel like home? Only when these are satisfied do we ask the secondary but equally crucial question of what’s it like in the neighbourhood.


The neighbourhood is as important as the home itself because it can directly affect us. The presence of public and private institutions like hospitals, schools and government buildings, the condition of the road, laws and other services that are close by are crucial to our family’s growth, if it would be our family living there. If you plan to sell it in the future these are still crucial questions your prospective buyers would ask. To be able to sell your property faster you need to have a pretty convincing argument to use as your selling point. Because of these, we must be in the know about the neighbourhood before deciding where to buy a real estate property.


When it comes to the two most lucrative real estate hotspots, Taguig City’s Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati City’s Central Business District (CBD), the choice all boils down to details. Taguig and Makati’s real estate market are almost at par with each other in terms of price, standards and quality.


Here are some pros and cons when buying a property in BGC or CBD in terms of the neighbourhood:






Both Taguig BGC and Makati CBD have 11 schools. These schools range from primary to tertiary levels, graduate schools and specialised schools:


Taguig BGC:

  • British School Manila
  • Chinese International School
  • Enderun Colleges
  • Every Nation Leadership Institue
  • Global City Innovative College
  • International School Manila
  • Korean International School
  • Manila Japanese School
  • MGC New Life Christian Academy
  • STI College
  • Leaders International Christian School of Manila


Makati CBD

  • Asian Institute of Management
  • Ateneo Professionals School
  • Centro Escolar University – Makati
  • Colegio San Agustin
  • De La Salle Professionals School
  • Far Eastern University – Makati
  • iAcademy
  • Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law
  • Mapua Institute of Technology Makati
  • School of Fashion and Arts
  • Don Bosco Technical Institute


As it is, there are two things to consider when choosing on the basis of schools. BGC has more schools of the different levels of education, while CBD mainly has schools for college-level and specialised studies. BGC schools also tend to be more expensive since many of them are international learning institutions, while CBD schools fall within the range of the rest of the exclusive schools in Metro Manila.







Both areas have at least one big hospital, but Makati CBD has more specialised hospitals.


St Luke’s Medical Centre Taguig beats Makati in terms of world-class service because they have state-of-the-art technology and expert doctors. It has also been included in the world’s top 25 most beautiful hospitals, rivaling those in Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria and London.


Makati CBD has the Makati Medical Centre composed of dedicated professionals and houses laboratories, heart stations, eye and ear services, breast cancer centre, dialysis centre, physical therapy units and operating rooms. A new wing will soon add a ‘hotel and spa’ feel to the hospital.


CBD beats Taguig in number of medical centres since it has other clinics and specialised centres like the Healthkard Hospital, M-Tech Medical Hospital, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre and Ospital ng Makati Acute Care Centre.


City Planning Predictability




When buying a property it is very important to know what is going to be built in front, beside or at the back of the prospective property you are contemplating to purchase. Not knowing if a 56 floor high rise would be built in front of a condominium unit you excitedly purchased because of the lovely view, will suddenly cover this view that you paid for.


Most of the CBD area is already built. One can already see the problems that can be confronted in buying a specific property there and one can also see what exact he or she is paying for without much surprises in the coming future.


While cranes can been seen all over the BGC, meaning construction is still going on. Buildings are sprouting like mushrooms in this highly popular area.






In terms of getting to and around the two cities, Makati CBD is much more accessible than Taguig BGC because buses and jeepneys that come from EDSA and other cities directly pass through the Central Business District. Meanwhile, to get to Bonifacio Global City, one has to get down in Makati or Taguig and take another jeep that goes inside of BGC.


Both cities implement strict traffic rules: buses and jeepneys can only pass through and stop at specific points in the major roads. But since Makati has more one way roads, flexibility in driving and commuting is greatly limited in CBD.


Buildings are closer together in Makati, making it easier for pedestrians to get from point A to point B. In addition, pedestrian underpasses make crossing roads safer along Ayala Avenue.



Volume of Traffic



Makati CBD is more congested than Taguig BGC. The density of the buildings makes it one of the most traffic-prone areas in Metro Manila, especially during rush hours. Taguig BGC, on the other hand, with its wider roads, numerous routes and its relative isolation from EDSA and other traffic-prone major arteries, is relatively less voluminous during rush hours. Wider pedestrian lanes also make biking safe around the city both for pedestrians and the bikers. However, BGC unlike Makati CBD is still growing, more buildings are being built so one cannot yet be sure how the volume of traffic will really be in the coming months and years.








The Taguig City and Makati City local governments have their own list of policies and ordinances that may not be available in other cities. Here is a list of policies that each city is implementing that can be used when considering the overall safety and condition of each city’s respective neighbourhood.


Taguig City including BGC


  • Anti-dengue programme
  • Birthday cash gift for senior citizens
  • Eight types of scholarship programmes for students
  • Not covered by number coding system


Makati City including CBD

  • Training programmes for livelihood, vocational and special skills
  • Senior citizens entitled to free consultations
  • Free legal counseling
  • Annual cash gift for seniors






 Makati CBD beats Taguig BGC in terms of the size of their annual public events. CBD has the Ayala Lights Show every Christmas, followed by a New Years’ countdown. BGC meanwhile has Impromptu and the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour.


The Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and Makati’s Central Business District have their own distinct merits that are difficult to compare. What is important is that what the city and its neighbourhood can offer is fit to your needs. Before buying a real estate property in either city, review if the neighbourhood can meet your needs first and if conditions meet your expectations. This way, you won’t have to waste money to buy a home  in a neighbourhood that cannot fully accommodate you.


Have you resided in any of the two areas mentioned? What other advantages or disadvantages of living in the area can you add to this guide? What other things can you advise to those who plan to buy a property in either of these two areas? Leave your thoughts and suggestions below!




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