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No cameras in BB Gandanghari-Carmina Villaroel get together

No cameras in BB Gandanghari-Carmina Villaroel get together

BB and Carmina reveal reason behind cold shoulder treatment during party.


BB Gandanghari and Carmina Villaroel have yet to meet personally after BB came out. A meeting between the former husband and wife has long been awaited by the public although it seems the two stars are consciously avoiding a meeting under the prying eyes of the public.


The appearance of both in a party last month may finally signal a positive development in the issue.


BB and Carmina’s paths crossed in Kathryn Bernardo’s debut party in March. BB is Daniel Padilla’s aunt while Carmina had been Kath and Daniel’s co-star in the recently concluded series ‘Got to Believe.’ But although both were within sight of the other, they did not feel it was the right time to have their first personal meeting that night since they would have upstaged the debutante.


However, they also confessed that there were complex feelings underneath the dedmahan that happened in the party. Carmina said in an interview that the coming together had left her edgy: ‘Natetense talaga ako… Nakasmile lang ako to death.


Na feel ko talaga yung mga mata nila nasa amin. Bawat ganito ko tinitignan. Kung magbabatian ba kami, anong mangyayari.


For her part, BB described the dedmahan as ‘so near yet so far,’ saying ‘We were side by side, actually. But wala, e. Parang walang nag-introduce sa amin. So, ganun na lang ‘yon.


But BB said that she was happy about how things transpired at the party because ‘It’s not the right time, ayaw ko kasing… ayaw kong mapaglaruan at that time.


There’s also good reason for BB and Carmina to take their time before finally meeting each other. Both have a long history that ended unexpectedly: Carmina in the arms of a loving family with another man, Zoren Legaspi, and BB with an honest transformation that finally set her free. So much has changed since they separated. By being patient, they will have enough time to accept these changes fully.


Amid the evasion, the exes agreed that they are bound to meet each other pretty soon since showbiz is a very small world. But Carmina said she wishes that when that happens ‘Sana wala lang cameras.


BB echoed the sentiment, saying ‘it should be best kung isang mas private na place or something.


Once that happens, would BB and Carmina know what to do or say? For her part, BB said ‘Nakahanda na ako doon anytime. So, hindi na ako natataranta kapag ganyan.


Do you think BB Gandanghari and Carmina Villaroel will patch things up once they eventually meet? Share your thoughts below!



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