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Car ‘catches’ thief red Handed

by FFE EU News Staff


Car ‘catches’ thief red Handed

Find out how a car in Germany helped prevent a crime before it happened.


If it wasn’t for the help of this car in Cologne, Germany, a thief would have gotten away with a crime.


On Saturday, a Porsche Cayenne had been broken into by a 50-year-old man. The man planned to make off with the valuables inside the posh auto. But his plot was spoiled when the car’s central locking system kicked in, locking the thief in its confines.


Around 7pm, passers-by who saw the trapped man desperately kicking the car’s door phoned police. A statement from the police said ‘Eyewitnesses reported that the man kicked the vehicle’s door in panic…but without success.’


Emergency services soon arrived to see the man at the back of the auto. As firefighters were about to open the car, the owner of the Porsche showed up and unlocked the auto.


The man only enjoyed a moment of freedom, however, as he was immediately cuffed by police for attempted theft.



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