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Cash-strapped Italians turn to Fortune-telling

by FFE EU News Staff


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Italian consumer association Codacons recently revealed that fortune tellers are among those who are benefitting from crisis-hit Italy. They are estimated to have earned €8.3 billion from the first six months of 2013 alone as more cash-strapped Italians seek assurance on their fortunes at trying times.


It is estimated that 13 million Italians took refuge in the fortune-teller’s art in 2013, a rise of one million from 2011 figures. Clients also pay for their consultations anywhere from €50 and €1,000 while some pay in kind with jewellery.


The themes clients like to talk about include heartbreaks, job loss and fears of the future.


Codacons revealed that many of the fortune-teller’s clients are business executives or entrepreneurs who would like to have advice on how to steer their businesses through the economic crisis.


It is estimated that 160,000 Italians work in the ‘occult’ industry, which includes fortune-tellers, psychics, magicians and spiritualists.





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