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Cat wakes French landlady as fire eats her House

Cat wakes French landlady as fire eats her House

Hero cat saves residents from tragic end.


Alexandra Marlin and her neighbours in a village in south-eastern France have just been given a second chance in life all thanks to a cat.


What could have been a tragic ending turned out to be a miracle for Marlin and her boarders in a farmhouse in La Bégude-de-Mazenc. In the early hours of Sunday, Marlin had woken up to the sound of her cat Boulette (Meatball) scratching the attic floor.


Marlin went up to see what the cat was about. But once in the attic, she realised that the space above her house was burning. She immediately alerted her neighbours and the firefighters. Seven adults and three children had been saved that day, but the hero was nowhere in sight.


At first Marlin believed Boulette had been a victim of the fire. She and her neighbours were relieved to see their beloved hero back by Sunday evening. The neighbours have offered to give Boulette biscuits in return for the cat’s heroic deed.


Since the fire, owner and pet have become more close to each other. Marlin said ‘The bonds of affection that bind us are even stronger than before. I have more respect for her. To think that she certainly saved my life and that of my neighbours, it will count forever in how I think of her.’



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