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Celebrating Easter the Greek Way


Followers of the Greek Orthodox tradition must fast for 48 days before Easter. This means that once Easter day comes the food is doubly delicious and plenty.


To celebrate a truly Greek Easter, try some of these traditional dishes:



This pie is made of spinach, cheese, onion and the perfect Greek feta bread. But some experimental versions may include dill, leeks and nettles.


 19apr greek easter meal 2

Dolmathes with Avgolemono


Meat dolmathes is usually paired with tomato or an egg and lemon sauce called avgolemono. They are usually eaten as appetizers and come wrapped in beautiful grape leaves.


19apr greek easter meal 3



This meal is lamb braised with tomatoes, giving the dish a red colour which the name comes from. Kokkinisto can be used as a sauce for pasta with olive oil and aged myzithra cheese or eaten with rice.


Celebrating Easter the Greek Way

Black-Eyed Pea and Caramelised Onion Salad


Black-eyed peas and carmelised onions are a staple in Greek tables. To make a salad, simply toss these ingredients in olive oil, salt and pepper.


19apr greek easter meal 5



The sweet yeast bread made of eggs, milk and butter is never lost in a Greek table celebrating Easter. Its cooking style carries many symbolisms: the red eggs symbolises the blood of Christ while the braid symbolises the Holy Trinity.


19apr greek easter meal 6



This is a type of liqueur is a favourite at Easter tables. It is anise-flavoured and can be mixed with cold water.


19apr greek easter meal 7



This cheese tart made of sweet honey and lemon crust may be cooked with any of these three cheeses: myzithra, whole-milk ricotta and manouri.


19apr greek easter meal 8

Ellinikos Kafes


The Greeks end their meals with coffee, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a specially prepared Greek coffee. Preparation of this hot drink varies greatly among the Greeks, but it is always sipped leisurely and paired with conversation.





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