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Celebrating German National Day

Tag der Deutschen Einheit or Day of German Unity… whatever you call it, it’s a day that celebrates the unity of the German people as one nation. Every year on 3 October, Germans take to the streets to commemorate the day East and West Germany officially reunited in 1990, after 40 years of conflict and division following World War II.

With the goal of attaining a united Germany and to move on from the devastation of war, the government of the East and the West greed to hold an election for the entire country. The result was the collapse of the East’s German Democratic Republic and its merger with the West’s Federal Republic of Germany, a consensus made effective on 3 October  1990.

German National Day is important because it reminds the people of Germany that differences in beliefs can be set aside in the name of progress. The day is also a celebration of healing since 3 October 1990 also saw the Germans finally moving on from the consequences of World War II.

Because of the generally positive atmosphere, the National Day is observed with fun, feasts, and festivities showing how far Germany has gone in terms of growth from its stagnant past. Parades and fireworks display are held in cities, kids wear traditional costumes and people wave the Bundesflagge und Handelsflagge or national flag that comes in all sizes.

Elsewhere, Germans celebrate with pretzels and beer, folk music and special programmes for kids, including carousels and fairground attractions.



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