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Choosing the perfect curtains for your Home



Curtains have the ability to transform bare rooms into dazzling dens and comfortable chambers. However, wading through the thousands of style possibilities can be daunting for homemakers.


How can one simply choose the most comfy but stylish window treatment for the home? Here are some pro tips on what to consider when choosing the best curtains:



First off it’s best to narrow down the purpose of wanting curtains other than to add more beauty to a room. Do you want the curtains to keep out the cold and keep heat in? Are they simply for protection from prying eyes? Or do they also have to shade the room from the sun’s glare?


Knowing the purpose of hanging curtains will help you choose the type of fabric you want and help you narrow down thickness, size and colour.


Type of fabric

There are many fabrics to choose from ranging from texture and thickness. Here are some of them and their purposes:


  • Linen, silk, faux silk and velvet. Durable fabrics. Considered the best types to give a smooth draping look.
  • Silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. Practical choices and washable.
  • Cotton and cotton blends. Crisp fabrics. Works best for any type of room décor and theme.
  • Suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed. Thick fabrics. To keep out light and cold and to keep heat in.



Tip: The choice for fabric is endless. But you save time by narrowing it down by type of fabric


When choosing fabrics, consider also their weight because this affects the overall look they give. Do they make the room feel heavy and cramped? Do they give rooms a light, billowy feel? Some also consider the colour of the fabric to answer these questions.



The colour of the curtain is crucial when it comes to filtering light and affecting the beauty of the room. Neutral-coloured curtains can bring in more light while darker colours tend to shield light. Take care to note than thin fabrics will also infuse the room with the colour of curtain; for example, blue curtains render rooms creepily blue while pink curtains add a blush of pink.


How sunlight affects the colour of the curtains should also be taken into account. Curtains with bright colours tend to fade faster. Neutral-coloured fabrics don’t deteriorate as fast.




Red curtains pop out dramatically in a monochromatic room



When choosing between monochromatic colours, decide if you want the curtain to pop out or to blend in with the rest of the room’s decorations. Vibrant reds, oranges and blues can add a confident pop in rooms while white never goes out of style.




Neutral, striped curtains create harmonizes well in this room

Finally, printed curtains must fit well with the theme of the room. Avoid too much clashing patterns like polka dots and stripes. The wrong curtain can destroy the overall look of the room.


Curtains that follow the room’s theme

Curtains that follow the room’s theme



Length and width

The size of the curtains should match well with the size of the window to be covered. But more than that, you should also consider how long your curtain would be because length is crucial for the room’s height.


Longer curtains that are hung higher than the window will make ceilings look higher and rooms taller. If you’re opening and closing the curtains frequently, choose curtains that just touch the floor or sill. Curtains that pool on the floor are trendy right now, and they create a more laid-back look.


Curtains hung above the frames. Note the length of the curtains against the floor

Curtains hung above the frames. Note the length of the curtains against the floor



If you want to stream in more light, consider how you want to pull the curtains on the sides of the windows. There are three ways, either by:


Curtains also decorate bare walls between windows

Curtains also decorate bare walls between windows



1. Installing rods that extend beyond the window’s frames. This way, the fabric does not block the glass but still drape freely on the sides.


Creative tiebacks

Creative tiebacks

2. Getting tiebacks. Tiebacks or holdbacks give a formal look and are better paired with thicker fabrics.


Cinched curtains give floor to ceiling windows a stunning look

Cinched curtains give floor to ceiling windows a stunning look


3. Using cinches that tie the curtains at the center or sides of the windows. Cinches give curtains a neat, organised look. Add layers of folds to the curtains to make them more dramatic.


What other tips or tricks do you use to choose the best curtains for your home? Share your experiences here.





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