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Claudine Barretto on her relationship with Atty. Ferdie Topacio

by FFE Entertainment News staff

Talks about Claudine Barretto’s closeness with her legal counsel Atty. Ferdie Topacio has hit new levels, with people seeing more to the simple client-lawyer relationship. Topacio is Claudine’s legal counsel in her cases against estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

Rumours have circulated about the unique closeness of the two because of messages and photos they have sent each other via Twitter and Instagram. First of these include a series of tweets sent by Claudine to Topacio.

Claudine revealed on an Aug. 11 tweet that she and her children by Raymart Sabina and Santino bonded with Topacio, “@FerdieTopacio Thank u Tito Ferdie for Dinner and spending time wid d kids thank u for Ice cream-Clau, Sab &Saint.”

An Aug. 12 tweet said “@Ferdie Topacio good night Tito Ferdie I love my mommy From: Sab” and “@Ferdie Topacio-good night from santino have a nice day.”

A particular photo via Instagram on Aug. 22 showing Topacio with Claudine and her children caught the actress’ followers.  The photo held the caption “Atty. Ferdie, Sabina and d very hungry Santino meeting kahit bagyo.”

Source: claubarretto instagram account

One brave fan asked Claudine why the lawyer seemed to be following her family around. Another fan added that the lawyer seemed to be playing like a new dad. However, fans of the actress quickly sided with Claudine, pointing out that the photo was a simply meeting of the pair for a court hearing.

Fans also showed their support for the lawyer, thanking him for being there for Claudine.

Claudine clarified that Topacio was her best friend. In a tweet on Aug. 25, she said “Tweethearts atty. ferdie to me now s my bestfrend and protector of my kids and i. his wife and i r always talking.”

Later, a tweet exchange between the pair hinted other things: “@FerdiTopacio Been trying to call u. Uwi ka na,” said Claudine. Topacio replied with “Hi clau on my way home tom. Miss you, Sab and Santino, Meeting [as soon as I arrive], ha? Blessed Sunday to all of you.”

Claudine however explained that Topacio was out of the country, and can only be reached via Twitter.

The actress expressed her gratitude to fans who continue to support her, saying “gudnyt tweethearts and thank u for all ur encouraging tweets. salamat for fighting for me.”

To get to the bottom of the issue, Philippine Entertainment Portal asked Atty. Topacio on his take of the issue.

According to Topacio, people should not make a big deal of the rumour. On a phone interview yesterday, Topacio also said that there was nothing going on between him and Claudine, saying that it was impossible. He also explained that “in the same manner that I am close to all my clients. My clients are close to me because you have to understand the nature of the cases that I am handling for them.”

Topacio is handling another delicate case on sexual abuse filed in 2011 by actress Yasmien Kurdi against actor Baron Geisler. He said that when handling cases like abuse, “[the victims are] in a state where they are emotionally vulnerable. You have to show them understanding and kindness.”

He also said that he was flattered that Claudine thought of him as her best friend. But he clarified that it was only “in the sense that she has to tell me all of her secrets.” He added “because [it’s really like that if you have a lawyer. You should give all the information you have] in order for the lawyer to effectively protect you. [There should be no] secrets between lawyer and client. I think that’s what she means.”

He confessed that he considers Claudine his friend. He said “[how can it be] otherwise, as she is a married woman and I am a married man.”

When asked for his comment about his being close to Claudine’s kids, he said “[the] kids are looking for a father. [I suppose it’s not bad for me to stand in as their father. I think it’s even in the Bible].”

Some have said that because of the time he spends with the kids, he seemed to be more like the real father instead of Raymart. But Topacio countered with “[there’s a protection order against Raymart. That’s what this is].”

He added “[people can’t think anything negative about us because Claudine always brings her kids. Other family friends have also served as surrogate father for the kids, not just me].”


This isn’t the first time Topacio has been linked with his clients. Last year, rumours circulated about his closeness to Kapuso tween star Bea Binene, 15. However, both sides denied any links between the two.



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