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Claudine still remembers Rico Yan

Fans, friends and family celebrated Rico Yan’s birthday last week more than a decade after he passed away. The former matinee idol would have turned 39 last 14 March.


Claudine Barretto, Rico’s on-screen partner and ex-girlfriend, was one of those who visited her former boyfriend’s grave, surprising media and the online world.


Claudine still remembers Rico Yan

Claudine with Rico’s sister Geraldine Yan-Tueres and friend Tricia Sandejas


The news of Claudine’s visit went viral over the weekend, and had many in Twitter-verse gushing over the fate of the couple:


‘Binisita ni Claudine ‘yung puntod ni Rico Yan!!! Huhu ang sakit-sakit pa rin u guys sila na ‘yun e’ said @araglive.


‘Mahal talaga ni Claudine si Rico Yan. #Hayyyz’ said @mikeeebustos.


‘grabe mahal nya parin si RICO YAN!!’ said @illica19.


As fans posted their birthday greetings for Rico, they also didn’t hesitate to say how much they loved the actor during the height of his career and regretted the passing of the original ‘Crush ng Bayan.’ Those who were too young to remember Rico found themselves watching Got 2 Believe, the couple’s last film together.


Rico Yan was a commercial model before he rose to fame in showbiz through ‘Gimik’ and ‘Mula sa Puso.’ His commercial for Eskinol Master Facial Cleanser helped jumpstart his career on TV.

Rico and Claudine started working together in the 1997 movie ‘Mula sa Puso.’ Their love story on-screen and off caught up with teens and young adults until the early 2000s.


The couple went through a famous break-up days before the actor’s death. Claudine revealed back in an interview in 2002 that they had a big fight ‘over nonsense, over nothing,’ causing the breakup. But she said they had already forgiven each other before Rico went with friends on a vacation to Dos Palmas, Palawan.


Before he left for Palawan, Claudine and Rico were in a ‘cool off’ period. According to Claudine, Rico had said ‘I’m sorry’ and that he asked her to give him time to think but that ‘When I come back after Holy Week, I would know what to do. Everything would be okay.’


Rico passed away in Dos Palmas on 29 March 2002 after suffering cardiac arrest following a rupture of the pancreas. He died in his sleep. Doctors later found out that Rico had ‘cracks’ (lamat) in his heart. Claudine had to be sedated after news of his death reached her.


Almost 12 years on, Claudine still seems to hold on to Rico’s promise that everything would be okay. Claudine is still in the midst of controversy over her estrangement to husband of almost six years Raymart Santiago and to her sisters Marjorie and Gretchen Barretto.


Claudine still remembers Rico Yan

 Claudine, one hand touching the tomb, holds vigil

Rico Yan’s birthday served as a moment of tranquility for Claudine whose life had persistently been shoved into the media spotlight and public eye.



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