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CNN can’t hide fascination with Balut

by FFE PH News Staff


CNN can’t hide fascination with Balut

The balut is once again the star of the show as the world’s strangest food.


The balut (days old fertilised egg) has already made the rounds of international media, grossing people all over the world and earning a spot in the list of the world’s ‘most disgusting/terrifying food.’


However, a new piece by CNN on the balut shows that the world just can’t get enough of the nasty-but-tasty treat. In ‘Balut: The Filipino delicacy that makes the world squirm,’ CNN goes up close and personal and photographs each part of the balut; the queasy types are even given a warning before browsing through the gallery.


According to CNN, Filipinos at a young age are exposed to balut. Some schools even assign kids to bring them to class for a dose of anatomy; then they are required to eat it or else suffer a low grade for the assignment.


Some love balut, some are disgusted by it. But in China, where balut is also eaten, those who eat balut are believed to have increased  libido and improved fertility. In New York, the Filipino restaurant Maharlika gives New Yorkers the chance to test if balut indeed gives these supposed health benefits. But more than just that, they also hold a ‘celebration’ of the balut by an eating contest that has enthralled the busy city:


New Yorkers see who can chow down the most balut in 5 minutes


Love it or hate it, the balut will forever be a part of the Filipino heritage.



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