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Coconuts and underpants to mark Guinness Records Day

Lasha Pataraia pulls an eight-ton truck with his ear during a test event in the Georgian city of Rustavi outside Tbilisi, on Nov 14, 2012. The 32-year-old Georgian athlete will attempt to break a record registered by the Guinness Book of World Records by the end of the month, the event organisers said.

LONDON – Giant chocolate coins, squeezing people into a Mini car, didgeridoo playing and “sport stacking” will all be pushed to their limits during Guinness World Records day on Thursday.
The eighth annual global celebration of the weird and wacky will see more than 420,000 people attempt to smash old favorites of the record-breaking world, many for charity.
At least 400,000 of those involved will be schoolchildren building pyramids of plastic cups against the clock (sport stacking) in the southern United States, while Britain’s Manjit Singh will be firmly at the weirder end of the stunt spectrum as he attempts to lift over 23.5 kg (51 lbs) using only his eye sockets.
A team from Germany will attempt to beat the record for smashing the most pairs of coconuts in the space of one minute, while neighboring France will host a competition to throw the highest number of shaving-cream pies in a minute.
Some would-be record-breakers will be raising money for high-profile causes. Alberto Deleonardis is leading an effort in Bologna, Italy to mint the world’s largest chocolate coin.
“We decided to use the attempt as a way to raise funds to restore a primary school near Modena that tumbled down during the earthquake that struck earlier this year,” he said.
The perennial quest to squeeze 28 people into an old model of the British three-door classic Mini automobile will be undertaken in London by a team of women who have pledged all proceeds to the Children in Need charity.
In other time places, participants have opted for record attempts that demonstrate some national pride.
Fifteen year-old Australian Lachlan Phelps aims to break the record for holding the longest note on a didgeridoo without using the traditional “circular breathing” technique which lets the player draw breath while still holding a tune.
Another Australian will attempt to don the most pairs of underpants worn and in Finland, an attempt will be made on the record for the most ice hockey target shots in 30 seconds.
“This year it seems to be all about bringing records back home to the people who are most passionate about enjoying their culture and national identity,” said Craig Glenday, editor in chief of Guinness World Records.
Reuters || BY ISLA BINNIE – November 15, 2012 8:44am



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