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Coffee beats Facebook in Italy

by FFE EU News staff

In the age of the internet, Italians still value socialising over a cup of coffee.

According to restaurant and bar owners association Fipe, Italians spend an average of €1,200 a year on breakfast and early evening drink. This is 32% more than the French and 53% more than the Germans.

For what purpose, you may ask? Fipe revealed that Italians still enjoy the social ambiance of local bars, especially in the morning. What’s more is that they see this ritual as the last bastion of genuine human interaction in the age of the internet.

The report reveals that, in a year, Italians consume an astounding €1.5 billion worth of coffee and eat €3.9 billion worth of pastries. It also revealed that loyal bar goers aged 25-44 are health-conscious and choose fresh juices.

The region of Lombardy registered the highest number of bars, followed by Veneto, Lazio and Campania. Coffee in Italy is priced at an average of €0.94 while cappuccinos go for €1.26.

Fipe president Lino Stoppani was impressed by the remarkable activity the sector is showing despite the crisis the country’s economy is experiencing.



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