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It’s so cold in Norway thousands of fish froze in a Bay

by FFE EU News Staff


It’s so cold in Norway thousands of fish froze in a Bay

A Norwegian man walking his dog out stumbles upon thousands of frozen fish beneath the frozen bay


‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ said Ingolf Kristiansen, describing an extraordinary scene he saw while walking on the frozen bay in Lovund, northern Norway.


Ingolf was walking his miniature schnauzer Anton when they stumbled upon a school of saithe, a type of cod fish, frozen beneath the ice. In an interview, he said ‘It has not happened before here as far as I know.


‘A temperature of minus 7.8 degrees, combined with an east wind, made the bay freeze in a very short time. The saithe had been chased to the shore by cormorants, and apparently were not able to get out to the open sea again.’


According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, seawater freezes at minus 1.9 degrees.


The news soon hit global headlines. International media has been calling Ingolf non-stop since his photo was posted in the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK. ‘Even my son got lots of calls,’ he said ‘Last night, when my son went to bed, he had 14 messages on his voicemail.  It’s really fun that so many people have read it, but my son was frustrated at having a mobile registered to his father yesterday.’






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