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‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing

If we take a look at the amount of tweets the stars of TV series ‘Confessions of a Torpe’ are posting on their pages, we can say they are as excited as their fans on the upcoming airing of the show.


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ is a comedy-drama about love, friendship and family and stars Ogie Alcasid, Alice Dixson and Gelli de Belen in the title roles. In the series, Ogie’s character Tupe develops a teen crush on Alice Dixson’s Monique. Twenty years on, the spark remains in Tupe’s heart. The question is, what will Tupe do about it as he once again comes face to face with Monique. Gelli de Belen plays Tupe’s best friend and cheerleader Luz who will later complicate Tupe’s love story.


The series began taping in January. Even then, it had already started acquiring a following on Twitter: #ConfessionsofaTorpe was second on Twitter trends in 28 January:


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing


#ConfessionsofaTorpe trended way before the airing of the show because its creators gave torpe tips to fans and threw intriguing questions about katorpehan (shyness) to Twitter and Facebook followers like ‘Bakit nga ba nagiging “torpe” ang isang lalaki?’ and ‘Kung sabay kang liligawan ng guwapo at funny guy, sino ang pipiliin mo? Si guwapo o si funny guy?


Confessions of a Torpe stars excitedly tweeted behind-the-scenes shots and reminded their fans on the upcoming premiere of the show this coming Monday, 3 March:


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing


‘Confessions of a Torpe’ stars excited about show’s Airing

Gelli de Belen: “taping at AMA”


The stars are also feeling the pressure of delivering well and seeing through their project ‘til the end. With so much exposure and excitement over the series coupled by the overload of heavy drama teleseryes on TV nowadays, it would be refreshing to laugh for a change. It would be no surprise if its premiere night on TV5 will once again trend on Twitter. Here’s a trailer of ‘Confessions of a Torpe:’


What do you think about torpe as a subject of a TV series? Share your thoughts and memorable torpe moments below!



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