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Copenhagen cops firm on cannabis bust despite smarter Foes

Copenhagen cops firm on cannabis bust despite smarter Foes

Criminals now using more sophisticated devices to ward off police.


Copenhagen police have remarked that organised criminals are becoming more sophisticated when defending their domain, even using drones to ward off police. However, the cops are still stepping up their efforts to control cannabis trade on the streets.


Around 80 people were arrested on a raid of Pusherstreet, Christiania last month. According to Aalborg University criminology lecturer Kim Møller, this increased police activity has forced criminals to toughen up. The lecturer added that ‘In a European context, it is crazy that the pushers in Christiania actually attack the police.


‘You need to go to a ghetto in the USA or a Brazilian favela to see something similar. That speaks volumes about the forces at play in Christiania.’


Copenhagen Police and head of Task Force Pusherstreet Torben Svarrer said that the criminals must be using drones to ‘expose the police efforts in Christiania.’



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