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Copenhagen ups defences vs. floods

by FFE EU News staff

A flood in July 2012 resulted in 5 billion kroner worth of damages to property after three hours of continuous rain in Copenhagen. But with a green sewer infrastructure on the way, city council hopes to divert another catastrophe.

To address the problem of flooding, the council has agreed to build parks and rivers that will handle excess rainwater. Instead of tunnels and underground infrastructure, the Technical and Environmental Administration (TMF) recommended inexpensive, green surface solutions relieve the sewer system.

TMF said ‘The surface solutions are recommended because they have the lowest costs, have the greatest robustness to climate change and give the greatest added value through a greener city and the opportunity to increase traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists.’

A stream along HC Andersen Boulevard will hopefully solve flooding in the area. Photo source: Tredje Natur

Among the plans are the construction of a stream along HC Andersen Boulevard and a new park by the inner city lake Sankt Jørgens Sø – two of the most flood-prone areas in the city.

Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for technical and environmental affairs Ayfer Baykal said that a green solution ‘was one of the most significant demands we heard from the local committees and the many Copenhageners who participated in the hearing process.’

The council expects the 3 billion kroner project to be completed in 20 years. The costs will be taken from water bills, which may soon be raised to an additional 50 kroners a month for apartments and 75 kroners for villas.



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