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Cow farts blow off a barn in Germany

by FFE EU News Staff


Cow farts blow off a barn in Germany

Cows and massage machines do not mix as this incident in a village proves.


An explosion rocked a farm in the village of Rasdorf, Hesse, Germany on Monday, and the incident was traced to these unlikely culprits: cows and a massaging machine.


Police reported it was the unfortunate mixture of 90 cows releasing high levels of methane gas and a static charge from the massaging machine that caused the flames. Fortunately, fire crews were able to control the flames. The barn roof and some stalls sustained damages. One cow was also treated for burns.


The report also said it was unclear how the barn reached high levels of gas and the exact amount there was just before a spark from the massage machine, used to milk the cows, set the gas aflame.


Cows are known to produce high levels of greenhouse gas because of the methane they produce during digestion and release through their farts. Studies revealed that 55–70% of methane produced come mostly from farming animals like cows. Currently, research is being done to try to control methane production in the agriculture industry by changing cow feeds or using vaccines.



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