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Crossing the border can also be more Delicious

by FFE EU News Staff


Crossing the border can also be more Delicious

BigMac ad that boasts cheaper burgers lures Norwegians to cross Swedish border.


A funny billboard is straddling Sweden and Norway’s border and its goal is to tempt more fast food hungry Norwegians to jump the line.


McDonald’s Swedish marketers made a clever ad that focused on the fact Norway’s BigMacs were a third more expensive than in Sweden. The billboard the ad agency DBB came up with focused on the fact a 59 Swedish kronor BigMac costs 93 Swedish kronors in Norway.


The web video that came with the billboard taunts ‘We Swedes quite happily welcome our bargain-hunting neighbours, with open arms and a broad smile.


‘In McDonalds’ case we did it with a billboard which itself crossed the border and which welcomed everyone to Sweden: half the billboard stood on Norwegian soil, the other half on Swedish, where the same product is a little more affordable.’


The funny ad can be found in Bergerud, one of the main roads that link Norway’s Oslo and Sweden’s Stockholm.


Crossing the border can also be more Delicious

BigMac prices compared


Norwegian BigMacs are the most expensive in the world while Sweden’s BigMacs are fourth most expensive. To know how much BigMacs cost around the world, British weekly magazine The Economist publishes a ‘BigMac Index’ annually to compare BigMac global prices. It also gauges the purchasing price of global currencies. Compared to America and Britain’s BigMac prices, Norway’s is overvalued by 68.6% while the Philippines’ is undervalued by 35.5%.



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