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Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin

Our skin needs care 24/7 because it is exposed to the elements. Thanks to skin care products we can use every day, we are able to keep our complexion radiant and smooth. But are they enough to keep our skin healthy for life?


Apart from a consistent skin care regime, everyone should also be aware of activities and things we do that can actually ruin our complexion. Following are things we do daily and how they harm our skin:


1. Wearing make-up

wearing make up

wearing make-up

Licenced esthetician Mylah Stanton said that good make-up itself is not harmful. However, the problem begins if ladies do not find the right type of make-up that doesn’t clog their pores and doesn’t irritate their skin. Wearing the wrong type of make-up will lead to discolouration, acnes, break-outs, dryness and others. But more worse than wearing the wrong make-up is…


2. Sleeping with make-up on

Sleeping with make-up on

Sleeping with make-up on

Make-up, whether it is of a good or bad quality, is being absorbed slowly by the skin. If make-up is left on overnight, the particles create a ‘clogging’ effect that could lead to break-outs and other facial problems. In addition, the dirt that has clung to the make-up may carry bacteria that can cling for days in pillows, further infecting the skin.


3. Skipping meals

Skipping meals

Skipping meals

Acne is related to male and female testosterone levels. Whenever we skip meals, we lose certain substances that have a direct effect on testosterone production, and an imbalanced testosterone level could lead to break-outs. In addition, whenever we deprive our body of important vitamins and minerals our skin’s health deteriorates, leading to drying and premature aging.


4. ‘Yo-yo’ dieting

Yo-yo dieting

Kirstie Alley a Yo-yo dieter

Yo-yo diet or weight cycling is when a person starts and stops his or her diet frequently. This happens when a person can’t consistently maintain a diet, losing and gaining weight back in a cycle. Extreme yo-yo dieting is not good for the skin as it can cause stretch marks and the loss of the skin’s flexibility.


5. Coffee

Excessive coffee drinking

Excessive coffee drinking

Prolonged and excessive coffee drinking or drinking of caffeinated drinks can lead to skin dehydration. This is because coffee contains tannin, a substance that has hydration-removal properties. Coffee is also a diuretic, which causes people to urinate more, leading to dryness, rough and brittle complexion.


6. Eating too much salty food

using too much salt

Using too much salt

Too much salt in the body leads to water retention: an extreme case of water retention is called edema, wherein water is retained just under the skin. Some of the effects of water retention on the skin include stretching, itchiness, scarring and skin ulcers. Edema in general also gives people an uncomfortable feeling of bloatedness and unusual weight gain.


7. Eating too much sugar

too much sugar

Too much sugar

Dermatologist Fredric Brandt, MD explained that sugar in the body undergoes a natural process called glycation. During glycation, the sugar forms harmful molecules called AGEs that damage proteins: the most vulnerable of which are the skin’s collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic. Too much sugar means more AGEs in the body, leading to wrinkles and sagging.


8. Drinking alcohol

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 7Alcohol dehydrates your skin

Like caffeine in coffee, alcohol in beers and wines causes a dehydrating effect on the skin. The depletion of nutrients leads to dull-looking and aging complexion. Another disadvantage of alcohol to the skin is it causes the blood vessels to stretch. Drinking too much only stretches blood vessels further and keeps them enlarged permanently, causing red, spidery veins.


9. Long hot showers

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 8aProlonged showers

Heat from the shower is said to strip off the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) of its natural oils, leading the skin to dry up. The natural oil of the skin is responsible for keeping moisture in the epidermis, and serves as the first line of defence of the skin against the elements. The red patches seen on the skin after stepping out of the shower are signs of dryness. Making hot showers a daily habit can worsen the dryness, leading to scaly and flaking skin.


10. Exfoliating

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 9

Exfoliating helps get rid of deep-seated dirt and bacteria from the body. But doing this every day can also ruin the skin in the long run, especially those who have sensitive skin. Hard scrubbing can strip away too much skin cells. Exfoliating products can also lead to allergies, leaving the skin feeling irritated and painful.


11. Popping pimples

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 10


While many resort to popping pimples to make them go away, dermatologist Jeanine B Downie, MD said this can lead to more and lasting problems and advised people to resist the temptation. Just some of these problems include scarring and skin infections. Popping pimples also doesn’t treat breakouts completely. The best solution is to look for long-term acne treatments.


12. Unprotected use of hair products and hair on the face

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 11Your hair touching your face

Hair products like hairspray have chemicals that can damage the skin. Like make-up, gels, waxes and other hair products can also carry and bring bacteria on the skin once perspiration from the hair trickles down on the face. Natural oils that protect the hair have the same effect once it comes in contact with the face, so it is advisable to tie the hair back and use sweatbands when in gyms.


13. Using dirty accessories and gadgets

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 12Gadgets that are not always clean

Using shades and phones come naturally on a normal day. But we often do not realise that these items and other accessories also carry dirt and bacteria that they pick up whenever we leave them unattended in unclean tables and desks. These bacteria can spread once the accessories come in contact with the skin.


14. Making faces

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 13Expressive faces

Pouting, squinting and other movements we make with our face leads to wrinkles. This is a natural process that we cannot revert. However, there are many things we could do to avoid them like wearing contact lenses or glasses to read things clearly and avoid squinting. Another tip is to wear shades to avoid squinting on a sunny day.


15. Smoking and secondhand smoking

Daily habits you didn’t know could wreck your Skin 14Smoking and second hand smoking

Smoking can do a lot of bad things to the skin. Some of these are psoriasis or scaly skin condition, premature aging, wrinkles, dullness, warts, stretch marks and skin cancer. This is because nicotine in cigarettes, whether smoked first or secondhand, affects the elasticity of the skin. Smoking also displaces of oxygen and depletes nutrients in the body that are important for keeping a glowing skin.


Simply using skin care products to keep our skin healthy is not enough. A change in the lifestyle is sometimes needed to ensure our complexion will remain healthy-looking longer. What other daily habits do you know that can ruin the skin? Share your ideas below!






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