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Danish tennis star sees bright 2014

by FFE Sports News Staff


A new racquet, a coveted coach and a loving fiancé — Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is changing a lot of things in her life as she ushers in 2014.


Never having won a sought-after Grand Slam title in her professional career, Caroline is hoping to head towards the right direction this year with a few changes in her gameplay — the first of which is picking up a new racquet.


Caroline has made an unofficial switch from Yonex back to Babolat in June 2013 after 3 years. The Yonex deal has landed her good money, but since making the switch back to Babolat Caroline’s game has visibly improved. Her racquet of choice is the Babolat Aeropro Team, the same one that Rafael Nadal uses. She said ‘I’m looking for a little more power, but also a little more control at the same time, so I should be able to get a little more spin on the ball.’


The 23-year-old star mainly plays defensive games, a strategy she hopes will help her land a Grand Slam with the help of new coach Thomas Högstedt. One Australian reporter, on watching her train, said Högstedt is ‘Getting her to nail forehands, hitting them flat and hard, pausing and surging into them with the leg drive of a shot-putter.’


Caroline has dropped her training relationship with her father Piotr in October and hired Högstedt as her primary coach. Högstedt had previously trained Maria Sharapova and led her to recapture the No. 1 ranking after her shoulder injury.


Finally, on New Year’s Day, Caroline announced her engagement with Irish golfer Rory McIlroy. The couple was then in Australia as Caroline was preparing for the Australian Open in Melbourne that starts today, 13 January.


Caroline pulled out of the Brisbane International last weekend because of a right-shoulder injury. But she explained that this won’t stop her from playing in Melbourne. She said ‘I just need some good physio and treatment. I’ve been working really well and hard in this off season with no problems. I wanted to start off the year well. That’s why I made the decision to withdraw from here, just because I didn’t feel like there was a need to make it worse before going into the Open as well.’


Women’s Tennis Association ranks Caroline 10th in the singles group as of 6 January 2014.



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