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Decorate your coffin before you die – Trending in Norway

16apr norway coffin

Can you imagine staging your own funeral, decorating your own coffin and watching it get cremated? In Norway, not only can you imagine it. You can watch other people doing it in on your TV set.


From NRK, the makers of the phenomenal reality show hit ‘Slow TV,’ comes another weird TV programme aimed to inspire and shock Norwegian audiences at the same time: ‘The Coffin.’


According to producer Nils Gelting Andresen, The Coffin is a ‘feel good programme about death.’ Namra Saleem is the show’s presenter. Guests will include TV presenter Thomas Seltzer and the adventurer Jarle Andhøy.


For their first episode, The Coffin features rock band DDE lead singer Bjarne Brøndbo. At 50, he said ‘you do start to think a little that life has an end.’


The show has got Brøndbo in touch with the meaning of life, saying ‘According to my wife, I think I’m immortal. Actually, I’m terrified of dying, and that’s why I try to live.’


Brøndbo decorated his coffin with the words ‘Rai Rai,’ referring to his band’s greatest hit. He also wrote names of family members. Decorating the coffin made Brøndbo realise that when his time actually comes he would like friends and family to ‘share stories over dinner, wine, coffee and brandy’ rather than ‘be so very sad.’


He also said he would like the song ‘Where roses never die’ to be played in his funeral, a tradition in his family.




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