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In Denmark, 1 in 9 has immigrant Roots

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Did you know that 1 in every 9 people in Denmark today has immigrant roots? Based on the latest figures from national population agency Danmarks Statistik, the percentage of the population who are immigrants or are descended from immigrants is increasing.


According to the agency, the percentage of Danes with immigrant roots will rise to 17.6% by 2050 compared to 11.1% or 1 in 9 at the start of 2014. They added that ‘descendants of non-western immigrants will increase the most.’


Of the total population of 5,627,000, here’s what Danmarks Statistiks’ figures show:


  • Among 29-year-olds, 22.3% are immigrants or descended from immigrants
  • Among 21 to 37-year-olds, 15% are immigrants or descendants
  • Among 16 to 64-year-olds, 13% are immigrants or descendants


The agency also believed that in 25 years the number of ethnic Danes aged 16–64 will fall by 346,000 while the number of non-ethnic Danes will rise by 243,000. This will lead to a narrowing of the gap between ethnic and non-ethnic Danes.



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