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Denmark Constitution Day

Every year, Danes remember the spirit of democracy and how far they have come as a nation on 5 June or Constitution Day. But other than that, 5 June is also a day for fathers in Denmark, making it a double occasion to spend with the family.


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Constitution Day or Grundlovsdag is a national public holiday that falls every 5 June in Denmark, coinciding with Father’s Day. Because it marks the anniversary of the signing of the Danish Constitution, it is also considered their Independence Day and is the closest thing to what is called a National Day.



Grundlovsdag can be traced to the day the Danish constitution was signed by King Frederik VII on 5 June 1849. The constitution established Denmark to be a constitutional monarchy.


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The National Constitutional Assembly of 1859


Through the years, the constitution has seen major changes, including the right to vote among women in 1915, the removal of the parliamentary chamber Landstinget and the establishment of the Law of Succession for women in 1953. The present constitution was signed in 1953.


How is it celebrated?

Unlike how other nations celebrate their Constitution Day, Denmark’s Constitution Day is generally celebrated with less pomp and is often confined to a family affair especially since it coincides with Father’s Day. But it is also a day wherein political parties come together to hold meetings and events.


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Picnics are very popular during Constitution Day. Many public establishments like museums also offer special events for fathers and their families on that day.


A social group enjoying outdoor picnic and mini performances during Constitution Day
A social group enjoying outdoor picnic and mini performances during Constitution Day


For many politicians and patriotic Danes, Constitution Day is a day to commemorate Denmark’s achievements through the years as products of its firm belief in principles like freedom of the press and politics. Its prosperity and development as a world leader in sectors like bio-energy and medicine are also saluted.


Danish expats around the world

Danish nationals who live in other parts of the world also take the opportunity to celebrate Constitution Day with the local community. Denmark Embassies welcome official representatives of their host country to visit Danish Ambassadors’ residences who strengthen international relationships with speeches about the bond formed between the people of the two nations.


Events for Denmark Constitution Day by a Danish group based in New York
Events for Denmark Constitution Day by a Danish group based in New York


Constitution Day is time for Danes to spend the day remembering the triumphs of their nation through the years thanks to its strong foundation on democracy. It celebrates the power of freedom and how it empowers Denmark today and in the future.







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