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Do not copy these Swedish Students

Swedes cash out on fellow students after hijacking school IT

Police investigate three Swedish students after manipulating grades for cash.


Three high school students of Grönkullaskolan in Rissne, Sweden are being investigated by police after allegedly hacking their school’s IT system and manipulating grades for money.


The police said they are looking at suspected unlawful data intrusion as they investigate the case.


According to reports, the trio was able to hack into the school’s intranet by securing the log in details. The grades of around 31 pupils had later been manipulated: either raised for those who are willing to pay the trio, or dropped for those whom the hackers’ didn’t like much.


The three students also acquired access into the SMS alert system that sends messages to parents of pupils who skip school. Instead of the parents, the system simply sent one of the trio the alert message. How they used the message to their advantage is still uncertain.


Principal Jörgen Smederöd assured the students that they will receive their real grades by June: ‘There are several reports that have been changed but teachers will readjust them after looking at their notes.’



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