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Do you Close Your Home on Friends Because it Perennially Stinks?

Your home is possibly the place you spend most of your time. You maintain its cleanliness and orderliness all the time but you might be forgetting something else. Is your house like used sneakers? Does the presence of animals, old furniture, and pollution causing your home to have an unpleasant odour every time you come in the door?


You want it to exude a fresh and pleasant smell naturally, especially when you are expecting guests. But there are just times when your house does not smell the way you want it. It’s not much a problem, since there are solutions to rid your house of these unwanted odours. Try following these nifty steps and have your home smelling fresh in no time!



1.Dryer sheets can be used for other functions aside from freshening and softening your laundry. Take a couple of these and put them in front of your air conditioning filters during summer and on your radiator during winter for an instant air freshener. Fabric softener on baby wipes is equally effective for this task.



2. I’m sure you have a favorite perfume, why not make it the scent of your room too? Just spray it on the unlit bulb in your room (take note, it should be unlit when your spray). Once the bulb is switched on, its heat will disperse the fragrance around the room and will smell exactly like your favorite perfume every time the light is on.



3. Here’s another alternative use for washing powder. Before cleaning your carpet, sprinkle laundry detergent over it first, possibly with flower scent, then leave it for 30 minutes before vacuuming it up later. Now your carpet is clean and smells like fresh laundry.



4. Your clothes might develop a musty smell when they stay in your closet for a long time. One way to prevent that is thru an orange and some cloves. Just stab the cloves on the orange and place it in your closet. This air freshener should last a week.



5. Microwaves can also help with the process in giving your house a nice smell. Add some lemon juice in a small bowl of water and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Once the timer goes off, open the microwave door to let the lemony scent out your kitchen.



6. Instead of using air fresheners that might smell too synthetic for your liking, why don’t you use water with a few drops of lavender oil instead? Just put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray away!



7. Plants like basil or rosemary in small pots over your kitchen sink will not only make your kitchen smell of freshherbs but they will also purify the air and rid the pollution circulating around. Not to mention you can also use them for your own cooking!



8. This is the most fun to do: bake an apple pie. The sweet smell of pastry, baking apples, and vanilla will waft through your house when you bake it. This trick is perfect when you’re expecting guests. You can serve them the pie too!


Having said all that, the first and important step however is keeping your house clean before you try to make it smell clean. Tidy up your house regularly and get rid of the things that are making your place stink. And if you follow these tips regularly, then no doubt your house would smell naturally fresh and clean all the time.






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