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Do you remember OG Mally?


by FFE Entertainment News Staff

Have you ever wondered what happened to OG Mally.

The background

The six-month-old capuchin monkey, OG Mally, used to be the pet of Justin Bieber. Justin brought  OG Mally along with him to Germany for his last concert in Munich without knowing that the pet needed to have vaccination and import papers for entering the country.

Justin was giving a deadline until May 17 to get OG back. Not bothering anymore to obtain the needed papers from the appropriate authorities, Justin decided to leave OG Mally behind in Germany.


OG Mally has started a new life at a safari park in northern Germany, and he seems to be enjoying it. Whether he is still upset with Justin is difficult to say, but he seems to have decided to put his time with Justin behind and to move on with his new life.


Should Justin wish to be reunited with OG, he needs to make a deal with the German officials, and most probably he would need to pay a fine for trying to sneak in OG Mally to Germany. Moreover, he definitely needs to make it up to OG Mally, before he agrees to go back to him.


If you are interested to be updated on this story keep it here at FFE, we promise to follow OG Mally and to bring you updates.  



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