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Does Martin Nievera got any reason to feel bad about ABS CBN?

Martin NieveraKumpirmadong “last five episodes” na lang ang late-night talk show ni Martin Nieverra sa ABS-CBN—ang Martin Late @ Night.

Matatandaang ilang araw pa lang ang nakararaan ay naglabas ng hinanakit si Martin sa Twitter dahil sa kanyang nalaman na malapit na ngang mawala sa ere ang kanyang late-night talk show.

MAY 1 TWEETS. Kahapon ay sunud-sunod ang tweets ng Concert King na naglilinaw na wala siyang sama ng loob sa istasyon:

“Attention everyone I have no Sama ng loob with my kapamilya. My contract is 13 weeks. Was just hoping they liked it the way u all do & extend.

“It would be nice also to get a return call or reply to at least encourage or discourage me to improve or throw in the towel after 12.

“I love my kapamilya & give 110 percent of myself to them. I am grateful 4 whatever they give me. But it feels like they r just waiting for13.

“Pls do not mistake my sadness for Sama ng loob. I am very grateful. It just feels like they r not watching & seeing my efforts. I love abscbn.

“I believe l&n [Late @ Night] has a place on abs. I see it as a nightly show, but my contract is 13fridays. my goal was to surpass that but thats nt my call.

“It’s just sad almost pathetic that I have to make this much noise just to get a reply or return call. I think I have earned at least that.

“Again I am not upset or Samang loob w/ my kapamilya! I love them& am grateful for whatever they give me. Just pls watch my last 5 episodes.

“Abscbn my kapamilya is now hurt from my heart aches on twitter.?for this I apologize.never meant for this. believe in my show that’s all.

“Pls don’t think I have been done wrong. It’s not like that. My contract Is what it is. I blame no one. I was just hopeful.

“I would do anything for my kapamilya! That’s why I want the show to last. I can do so much for each one of them with this show!

“Late@night may have my name in the title,but its not a show all about me. It’s a show all about whomever sits in the chair beside me.

“Pls don’t mistake heart ache for Samang loob. I love my kapamilya! Lets just be grateful thatw/all their stars&all their shows i have l&n

“Thank u all for your support everyone but let’s not bite the hand that feeds. I am forever grateful to my kapamilya!”

MAY 2 TWEETS.  May 2, sunud-sunod pa rin ang tweets ni Martin. Dito ay patuloy pa rin siyang nag-explain na hindi niya bina-bash ang kanyang home network:

“Please all I am not bashing my kapamilya. If that’s how it came out I apologize. I just needed their attention & I think I got it. Sorry.

“It was never my intention to sound ‘bash’ full In my attempt to get some feedback. I love my kapamilya. I guess i believe in my show 2 much.

“I hope all those out there printing all my tweets r getting all of them ¬ just the ones that can be misinterpreted.

“Print also the tweets of those I’vebeen tweeting with so the readers sees the whole conversation¬ just the side u want them to react to.”

Sinagot din ni Martin ang marami niyang followers.

Ilan sa mga ito ay ganito ang kanyang mensahe:

“pep, abscbn.com, and some chika something. It’s getting out of hand na and 1 sided of course. Sana all your positive tweets too.”

“anyway let’s let this go. I seem to be doing more damage than good. Lets move on and just enjoy what’s left in my l&n contract. Thx.”

“ok I think enough has even said. Lets wait and see how this can all be fixed the way families fix. Thank u.”



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