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Does Wi-Fi hurt my cat, Pishi?

Does Wi-Fi hurt my cat, Pishi?

Find out if your addiction to connectivity is actually harming your pet.


Connectivity is what makes the modern world go ‘round: tablets, smartphones and other portable gadgets keep us connected with our friends, family and followers 24/7 through Wi-Fi.


But how sure are we that the mysterious Wi-Fi is safe? Are there health concerns we should worry about? Does Wi-Fi hurt my cat, Pishi?, as my BFF Anna asked me. Since I am sure there are many others who are asking the same question, I decided to share my answer to  Anna here.


The alleged health risk of Wi-Fi boils down to the question of whether  or not radiation from Wi-Fi is harmful.


Wi-Fi works like the radio: in Wi-Fi connections data is passed from a source to a gadget through air frequencies that are not seen. The frequency of Wi-Fi is similar to that of mobile phones and microwaves, which is called Non-ionising radiation.


Wi-Fi radiation falls way below the visible light: when it passes through objects, fur and cats’ bodies for example, the radiation is simply turned to heat. The radiation is so weak that the heat it produces is nearly not measurable.


So the good news is: the radiation from Wi-Fi is so low that cats can’t be harmed by them, humans either.


In a study that compared mobile phone radiation and Wi-Fi radiation, it was revealed that kids sitting in a classroom with Wi-Fi in a year get as much radiation exposure as people who have 20 minute talks in their mobile phones.


This means mobile phones have more radiation than Wi-Fi. But more importantly, it shows that there is ‘no definite causative relationship between exposure to mobile phones and harmful biological effects in humans.’ Mobile phone radiation doesn’t hurt humans, how much less Wi-Fi radiation?


Just to clarify, the type of radiation that is harmful is called Ionising radiation — the stuff of ultraviolet rays and nuclear leaks. Ionising radiation can change the composition of DNA, leading to abnormalities and mutations.


So is Pishi  safe in Wi-Fi hotspots? You bet!



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