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Don’t throw your expired food just Yet

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Dry food may still be healthy to eat even after it has gone past its expiry date. If you don’t believe this, take it straight from the European Union which is considering to get rid of ‘best by’ dates for dry goods.


At present, expiry dates are stamped on food packages presuming that food may be unhealthy to eat past a certain time. This is very important to follow in ‘wet’ food like yoghurt, dairy products and other highly perishable good.


However, that is not always the case with ‘dry’ food like coffee, hard cheeses, rice, pasta and similar products. This is because some of these products remain just as healthy and delicious to eat after their best by dates.


Based on these considerations, the EU announced it will mull over removing best by stamps for certain types of food. Aside from saving money, the measure could also help curb food wastage in the EU.


Around 89 million tonnes of still-edible food end up as refuse in the EU.


Although there is considerable support among EU officials on this measure, Italy’s daily Corriere said it may take months and probably years before changes could take place. This means that, pending any new laws, it is up to people to make sure they don’t waste food that is still healthy to eat.


According to a study by Italian farmer’s association Coldiretti carried out by GFK Eurisko, around 36% Italians only stick to best by dates. These Italians also make it a point to personally check the condition of food before they throw them away.


Dutch Agriculture Minister Sharon Dijksma said that people can tell for themselves if food is still healthy to eat past their expiration dates. Some food that lose colour, texture and flavour are not necessarily unhealthy to eat, added supporters of the measure.



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