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What do you dread most about riding an Airplane?

18apr airplane fears



Flight attendant and author Heather Poole knows her clients well. She has been working for a major American carrier for more than 15 years, giving her an eye for passengers who try to overcome certain fears about flying.


Here’s a list of things she observed. Are any of the following your fears too?


1. Running out of business class seats. As more planes economise, certain privileges are becoming more and more reserved for those who fly business class. This means that passengers who fail to get a seat in first-class cabins have to make do with the standard service in economy-class cabins, which may mean cramped seats, slower service and obnoxious passengers.


2. Boarding last. For most ordinary fliers, the first thing to do after finding their seat is to their store bags in the overhead bin. Most would want to have their bags stored in a convenient place they can access once the plane is cruising. But it is possible to run out of space, especially if you’re one of those who get on board last.


3. Getting the middle seat. Middle seats are a hassle because you have to step over other passengers if you want to get to the aisle. Bothering sleeping or busy seatmates are the biggest problem. Some passengers are known to pay their seatmates just to trade seats and get closer to the aisle.


4. Dealing with other passengers. You’ll encounter many types of people from the time you pass through the airport x-ray machines until you reach your destination. Passengers with baggage trolleys who move and walk too slow, block corridors, annoying seatmates who feel the need to chat up, parents with enthusiastic kids and upset babies. These could all get in the nerves.


5. Eating bad food. Who doesn’t dread the prospect of eating food that tastes bad? Although airlines often give passengers a choice between two types of meals, one is not necessarily better than the other. Pasta with cream is one of those most fliers react to negatively for lack of fresher ingredients. One study however says that bad food could be a natural consequence of air travel.


6. Being disconnected. In today’s highly connected world, demand for Internet is understandably very high. Since fliers are now more determined not to waste precious time during flights, WiFi is a must. There are some passengers, mostly those who fly for business, who are known to take later departures just to catch an airplane with WiFi.


Do you have other fears as a frequent flier? Share your thoughts below.



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