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Dutch doctors invent pill which can be tracked, and activated

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Dutch doctors have successfully tested a pill which can be controlled electronically to deliver medicine directly to the stomach and intestines, the Volkskrant reports on Wednesday.

The results of the first human experiments, by researchers at Utrecht University’s teaching hospital, were presented during a European gastroenterology conference in Amsterdam this week. The pill was invented by Dutch company.

The inventors say the electronic pill will allow stomach and intestinal problems to be better treated in the future.

The pill is 2.5 cm by 1 cm and is one-third filled with medicine. The rest of the capsule houses a transmitter that communicates with the outside world and a tiny motor. The capsule uses a pH sensor to determine where in the gut it is. Once it is thought to be in position, the motor sprays out the medicine.

The technology has been tested on 10 healthy volunteers who took the capsule filled with radio isotopes which could be followed on a scan. In nine out of 10 cases, there was successful communication between the capsule and doctors, the Volkskrant says.

DutchNews.nl || 24 October 2012



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