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\"Photo Full Name: Edward Solon Hagedorn

Birthdate: 1946-Oct-12

Place of Voter Registration: San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Marital Status: Married

Political Party: Independent

Facebook: EdwardHagedorn

Link(s): http://www.edwardhagedorn.net/ ; http://hagedornforsenator.com


Work that is sustainable

> Rural development to encourage investments in the local level

> Increase government subsidy to farmers and fisher folks

> Creation of more post-harvest facilities all over the country

> Focus on agricultural planning to properly manage agricultural lands for sustainable development.

> Advocate and promote Eco-Tourism in every Region.

Opportunities For Everyone

> The most important task of any government is to lure investments to areas that are underserved and remove its concentration from the NCR, CALABARZON and REGION III.

> Balik sa Probinsya Program for investors. Such a bill will provide financial and tax incentives to all investors who are willing to start businesses in the provinces.

> Trabaho sa Barrio Program which main focus is the decentralized development of rural infrastructures not only to address the gap in public works of a region but also to enhance the productive and employment generating capacity of the rural sector. This will provide employment for locals through the construction of rural transport infrastructure which are labor intensive such as rehabilitation or construction of new village roads and/or farm-to-market roads, feeder roads and post harvest facilities.

National Healthcare System For All

> Assessment of the capacity of all Barangay health centers in the country. While the data shows a nationwide coverage, it does not tell how effective these health centers are in providing primary health care.

> Make the LGUs responsible for primary healthcare provision in the region. This will make government truly accountable to the people since the health of their voters is dependent on the capacity of local chief executives to promote sustainable health care programs.

> Expand the “Doctor to the barrios” program by increasing public funding for the training and education of health workers. At the same time, increase the pay scale of all public health care employees to make it as competitive as those offered in the private sector.

> Look into the coverage of the PhilHealth for patients, especially in recommending that contributions of members be made flexible and proportionate with their salary. Increase in member contribution should also be matched by the government.

Decentralization and Development of Infrastructure and Land Use

> Income share of LGUs from the IRA (Internal Revenue Allotment);

> Revisit and re-examine the law on IRA-sharing particularly in the cities and municipalities due to alleged inequity in the allocation and distribution of shares, especially that it favors the cities.

Term of office of Local Chief Executives

> The LGC must be amended especially when it comes to the provision on the term office of local officials. Instead of three, it should be five years to make it f easible for local officials to implement their programs and projects.

Land Use

> The national government in this regard must put more effort and prioritize the passage of HB 3533 and SB 1369 or otherwise known as the Land Use Act of the Philippines.

> The passage of the Land Use Act will also serve as a framework to be able to harmonize the Barangay Development Plan for the Barangays, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Development Plans for the municipal level, and the Provincial Development Physical Framework Plan for the provinces in accordance to the program thrust of the national government in creating sound policies for zoning between and among the LGUs

> The national government should explore or further develop agricultural planning in close coordination with the LGUs to properly administer and manage agricultural lands found in rural areas; this is also to avoid urban sprawl.

Education and Youth Development

> Increase the subsidy of the government to students who will most likely be studying in the private schools in preparation for the K to 12 Program

> Expand the said law to be able to cover the gap in the salary of private HEIs faculty members who will be retrenched and or displaced in anticipation of the implementation of the K to 12 program by 2016.

> Come up with an alternative livelihood program for private HEI faculty members who will either be retrenched or displaced (there are roughly 100,000 private HEI faculty members across the country that will be affected if and when the K to 12 program will be implemented)

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

> Foremost is to review and suspend the EPIRA law. This is the single greatest contributor to the massive increase in power rates for the past decade. Even though it appears that there is an improvement in the services of the power sector there has been no appearance of competition in the industry.

> Another policy gap that exists is the absence of a real incentive mechanism for the promotion of clean and renewable energy. Senate candidate Ed Hagedorn seeks to propose the expansion of financial incentives to energy companies that will increase the mix of renewable energy they will be able to deliver to consumers.

Social Policies and Advocacies

> Propose a Bill that will give government subsidy for the conversion of PUVs and PUJs to make them eco-friendly. This would be the impetus for starting a “green revolution” for the whole public transport system in the country.

> Propose an expanded Rural employment program which is a better alternative to the conditional cash transfer program of the Aquino Administration

> Propose the revision of the Penal code to adjust the current age limitation for prosecuting juvenile delinquents or lowering of the age from 18 to 12 years old. In addition, it shall also be proposed to house the juvenile delinquents in a separate detention facility under the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology with the coordination of the DSWD.

> The Marcos era anti-begging law should be strictly enforced in all cities and urban areas in the Philippines. However, this law should be implemented under a national anti poverty program that will be legislated and carried out by the PNP-DSWD.

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