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Eight Reasons Why You should Shop in the Philippines

4. Filipinos create a unique shopping experience by performing songs and dances for shoppers. Filipinos are generally happy people with a penchant for song and dance festivities. Even when it comes to shopping, Filipinos want to display their culture and to entertain guests. Local handicrafts store Kultura is one of the many stores in the Philippines that allot a certain time for its employees to dance classic folk songs. A good five to ten minutes is enough to make shoppers pause and watch the salespersons around them groove to the music. Even some supermarkets are following this trend by letting their employees dance or sing for a few minutes to entertain clientele and make shopping a happier activity.


Kultura employees dance to a traditional folk song as shoppers stand and watch:

5. The Philippines offers export quality products that are sold at reasonable prices. Shopping is definitely more fun in the Philippines because product quality is rarely compromised even with a budget-friendly price tag. Though some stores do hike up prices for foreigners or balikbayans, knowing where to go and how to haggle makes a ton of difference. Authentic south sea pearls, intricate hand-woven cloths, and assorted native handicrafts, for example, can be found in places such as the Aldevinco center in Davao City.

Inside Aldevinco Center; Fashionable necklaces hang on the stands

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