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Most essential tips for Au Pairs

by FFE Health News Staff


Essential skills for babysitters Revealed

Do you want to be a babysitter? An American health institution has a few tips:


A baby sitter’s job is not all simple. They should know how to keep their charges safe and secure at all times. For starters, here’s what the University of Michigan Health System suggested baby sitters should know before attempting to apply for the position of governess, au pair or nanny:

  • Take babysitting, first aid and CPR classes. There are many institutions that offer these classes. You can check the local Red Cross for a list of institutions that offer this programme, or search for schools online. Red Cross Philippines also offers training for health and safety through their Safety Services Programme.
  • Understanding how babies sleep. According to the British National Health Service, babies who sleep in the wrong position or babies who sleep in the wrong bed are prone to injuries, suffocation, choking, ‘cot death’ or sudden infant death syndrome and many more. Prevent these by knowing how and where to keep babies when they sleep.
  • Bring a list of questions and information for the parents to answer. This list will help you cover all important information like allergies, habits, medications and contact numbers in case of emergencies.
  • Learn how to prevent choking. Kids are very prone to choking because their windpipes are very narrow and they do not yet have a grasp of the muscles involved in chewing and swallowing. Every type of food is a potential choking hazard, but some of those to look out for are: hard candies, grapes, spongy breads, popcorn and sausages.
  • Learn how to respond to accidents. Fire, earthquakes and other sudden accidents can turn the most confident babysitter to an anxious and absent-minded individual. Before stepping inside a host family’s home, babysitters must be sure they know what to do and how to keep their cool in the event of emergencies.


Aside from these skills, the babysitter must also remember to do the following whenever they are left alone with kids:

  • Check on sleeping children every 15 minutes
  • Keep all doors and windows locked
  • Call the police when suspicious people want to enter the house
  • Never leave the child alone in the bathtub or the bathroom


Do you have other babysitting tips to share? Leave them here by commenting below!



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